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Yongjia County Baike Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional research, development and marketing of high-tech enterprises valve water systems, multi-function hydraulic control of its leading products are widely used in high-rise buildings water supply and drainage, fire and other industries, and to enjoy the excellent quality reputation Our company spirit of "people-oriented" purposes, focused on a group of highly experienced senior professional and technical personnel and .[ Details ]
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200X pressure reducing valve
YX741X (DY200X) (720X) adjustable vacuum...
YQ98005 piston-type filter electric floa...
BFDZ701X hydraulic automatic control val...
BFDG7M43HX-16C tube force control valve
100A-angle fixed water level valve
ball bearing,铰刀,leveling machine
水力控制阀】 【guanlifa】 【篮式过滤器】 【油泵】 【不锈钢管件】 【接线端子排】 【空气净化器】 【电动机保护器
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